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Movie Stills

Movie Stills

Vassilis Manoussakis

, 2013
64 p.
ISBN 978-960-89807-9-2, [In Print]

"I' m going to make him an offer he can' refuse". The Godfather.

...said the omnipotent god and he took away
his wife, his children, his land,
leaving him only his mind,
full of spite and vengeance but wiser nevertheless.

(p. 23)

"Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn". Gone with the Wind.

The garbage men's strike covered the city
with a thick veil of stank, sweat and indignation.

(p. 22)

"Whose motorcycle is this?/ It's a chopper, baby./
Whose chopper is this?/ Zed's./
Who's Zed?/ Zed is dead, baby. Zed is dead." Pulp Fiction.

The last letter of the alphabet chopped in American English
and degraded to a mere sound.
Letter Zed is dead, baby. Letter Zed is dead.
But somehow it manages to create a map with all
the answers to the girl's questions.

(p. 14)

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