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The Pride of Athens

The Pride of Athens

Nala Smith

Periplous, 2012
368 p.
ISBN 978-960-438-141-8, [In Print]
Price € 14,91

What is in the sacred stone box unearthed by a construction crew in modern day Athens that may turn the classical antiquities world on its head? Is Ariston the same person as the sculptor Alkamenes, student of the designer of the Parthenon, Phidias? Is he the sculptor of the River God, one of the Parthenon sculptures now in the British Museum?
Nala Smith takes the reader through a window of time into life in 5th century Athens where the reader will accompany young Ariston Alkamenes, the student sculptor at the fabled workshop of Phidias, in his pursuit of beautiful Xanthe who is snatched away and pressed into service at the mysterious Oracle of Delphi. Ariston experiences battles, adventure, romance, intrigue, betrayal, sorrow and eventual joy in this 'tour de force' about the young hero's life in a bustling city where famous philosophers, astronomers and mathematicians rub shoulders with villians and fellow Athenians in the Agora.
Smith's story is a must for fans of the historical novel. Above all 'The Pride of Athens' is a great read.

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