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I will be Here

I will be Here

Paraskevi Kostopetrou
translator: Helen Smyrniotou

Megas Seirios, 2012
40 p.
ISBN 978-960-7350-81-7, [In Print]
Price € 6,00

"I will be here", the poetess says to her reader and she accompanies him to a sought-after poetic journey full of lyrical rippling and unshakeable truths.

Each poem is an experience taken from the tangible reality, delivered in meaningful and plain words; each transformed into a gentle wave of love that embraces and encourages the reader, leading him in a liberating way to "where the horizon whitens", to the "dreamy light of the sun" or even yet to the "arms of the stars", and whispers to him with wisdom that "…life is holy bread, for those who know".

"In the arms of the stars
I softly leaned myself
and that milky light
sweetly penetrated my Being"

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