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Child, Book, Monument

Child, Book, Monument

editor: Irene Vokotopoulou
translator: David Connolly, Roy Boardman

National Book Centre of Greece, 1997
62 p.
ISBN 960-7894-01-4, ISBN-13 978-960-7894-01-4, [Out of Print]
Price € 7,50

The present issue features educational programmes designed for primary school students by five separate educational and cultural organizations operating in member-states of the European Union.
The following educational programmes aim at presenting and familiarizing children of this age with a monument used as an opportunity to foster love and learning about literature or art. All programmes ultimately aspire to the promotion of reading on issues concerning European cultural legacy.
While using different approaches, each educational programme focuses on new ways of presenting particular issues to children.
The results of this venture were announced in a conference held in the headquarters of the European Community where a sample of European School teachers, college and high-school students of different nationalities had the chance to evaluate each programme on its own merit.

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