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An idle mind

An idle mind

illustrator: Arkas
translator: Ingrid Behrmann

Gnosis, 2012
64 p.
ISBN 978-960-329-511-2, [In Print - Full book details coming soon]
Price € 7,50

An idle the Devils workshop.
But he doesnt like his workplace. Hes fed up with Hell and wants to be transferred to Heaven.
Things are not that simple however. To get inti Heaven, you have to take exams,
difficult exams. His Angel colleague plays the Devils advocate and tries to help him.
And what if he doesnt get it? Well, in that case hell go back to Hell.
And well go with him on a visit. A guided tour to the innermost galleries of Hell, the hottest chambers with the most nigthmarish torture devices - a book with a truly diabolical sense of humor.

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