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Tuning Into my Era

Tuning Into my Era

Antaios Chrysostomidis, Nikolo Amaniti, Margkaret Atgoynt, Moris Attia, Martin Valzer, Mario Vargkas Liosa, Gkamal Al Gitani, Nantin Gkorntimer, Chans Magknous Entsensmpergker, Chavier Therkas, Antrea Kamilleri, Ntaniel Kelman, Chanif Kioureisi, Tzon Le Kare, Klaoyntio Magkris, Vlantimir Makanin, Ian Mak Gioyan, Norman Manea, Chari Moylis, Tzon Mpanvil, Amos Oz, Pol Oster, Orchan Pamoyk, Tzortz Pelekanos, Serchio Pitol, Santiagko Ronkaliolo, Zoze Saramagkoy, Ingko Soyltse, Antonio Tampoyki, P. Nt. Tzeims, Karlos Fouentes, Giasmina Chantra, Alan Cholingkcherst

e-book (ePub)
Kastaniotis, 2012
592 p.
ISBN 978-960-03-5492-8, [In Print]
Price € 12,18

This book, like the tv series of the same name on which it is based, is aimed at a general au¬dience tuned in to the problems and quests of our era as well as fans of contemporary literature. Transcribing and commenting in his own way on con¬versations with 33 celebrated authors, Anteos Chrysostomidis focuses on a specific subject in each interview, depending on the interests of the inter-viewee. Subjects relating to the age in which we live—the challenges facing democracy in the West, religious fanaticism, the rise of nationalism, the cri¬sis in moral values, racism, Europe's historical traumas, sexual liberation—are interwoven with literary issues such as literature's future and its positive, and sometimes negative, impact on society. A stroll through an entrancing world that reads almost like a novel.

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