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The Return of Inspector Bekas

The Return of Inspector Bekas

Syllogiko ergo, Andreas Apostolidis, Neoklis Galanopoylos, Panagiotis Giannouleas, Antonis Gkoltsos, Titina Danelli, Vasilis Danellis, Anna Darda - Iordanidoy, Dimitris Kerameys, Nina Kouletaki, Dimitris Mamaloykas, Teykros Michailidis, Athina Mpasioyka, Giannis Panoysis, Argyris Payliotis, Filippos Filippoy
editor: Athina Kakoyri, Kostas Th. Kalfopoulos

e-book (ePub)
Kastaniotis, 2012
432 p.
ISBN 978-960-03-5483-6, [In Print]
Price € 12,18

What could a "Last Date" In downtown Athens, a blood-stained wedding in Chalkidiki, a gambling session-turned-nasty in the Sports Cafe, a murdered bibliophile, a business trip to icy Venice, an American Bar in Thessaloniki, an old story from the Holocaust, society functions in swish Athenian residences and a man in a white suit have in common? They are just some of the cases Inspector Bekas is called upon to investigate when he's brought back into active service. Fifteen short sto¬ries by contemporary crime fiction writers in honour of Yannis Maris (1916-1979), the acknowledged master of classic Creek crime fiction, and the man who put Greece on the police fiction map as well as writing scripts for a series of classic films noirs.

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