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Anonymous Bankrupts

Anonymous Bankrupts

Christoforos Kasdaglis

e-book (ePub)
Kastaniotis, 2012
248 p.
ISBN 978-960-03-5463-8, [In Print]
Price € 12,18

We've all wondered at some time or other what we'd choose to do if we were told there were only forty-eight hours left until the Earth was destroyed. The menu usually includes sex and de¬bauchery, throwing money around, favourite music and flavours, a variety of extreme acts, taking leave of our loved ones, then sex and more sex. The menu definitely doesn't include this endless, whing-ing misery, this blaming everyone and everything, this addiction to news broadcasts predicting immi- nent disaster, and to pessimistic, fatalistic articles. So, the end of the world can't be nigh, can it? A book that turns the foreigners' cliches about the Greeks—and the Creeks' about themselves—on their heads, and searches for answers and certain¬ties on a planet close to collapse. In other words, the adventures of a nation that went to bed one night among the thirty richest countries in the world and woke up the following morning on a park bench, a pariah.

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