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Children of Cain

Children of Cain

Nikos Panagiotopoulos
series editor: Eleni Mpoyra

e-book (encrypted ePub+XML)
Metaichmio, 2012
395 p.
ISBN 978-960-501-770-5, [In Print]
Price € 9,90

Six people who once were close friends go back to the village where they used to spend their summers as teenagers. The obvious changes in the scenery provoke a cross-examination with the other –much more crucial, although invisible– changes in their inner world. The heroes of this novel belong to the “generation of change” – “change” being the slogan of the socialists in the early ’80s. Throughout those 30 years the country has changed dramatically; the same goes for its people. But what really happened in Greece during the quiet years, the years of growth and prosperity? And how the Greeks were affected by what happened? The children of Cain is an attempt to depict the face of modern Greece.

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