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The Yellow Soldier

The Yellow Soldier

Andreas Mitsou

Kastaniotis, 2012
296 p.
ISBN 978-960-03-5426-3, [In Print]
Price € 14,84

World War Two. A yaoung man leaves home to serve in the army. He's handsome and naive; he lives life poetically. He'll wind up in Turkey, the Middle East and Italy and experience the hor¬rors or war in this other life, but passion, too. Still, he doesn't stay; he wants to go back, to return home. But when he does, years later, the people have changed and the world he knew has gone. And they don't recognize him, either. He's not the man they knew, and they won't let him live in his own way. He's a foreigner now, and they present him with a choice: do as they do, or die. Fearful of losing himself, he resolves to take revenge; dis¬guised as the "yellow soldier", he delivers vengeance as brutal as it is bizarre.

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