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For the Love of Geometry

For the Love of Geometry

Soti Triantafyllou

Patakis Publishers, 2011
349 p.
ISBN 978-960-16-4272-7, [In Print]
Price € 15,00

“For the Love of Geometry” is a most bitter chronicle of youth. Young Anatoli Botsaris is growing up any way she can in a middle class family in downtown Athens. An ordinary family – only not too ordinary! The time: 1971, 1972, 1973…1990…1999… The facts: an adolescent love story -not so much a “puppy-love”, no... An abandonment, another abandonment, two consecutive failures; then, an illness or two, a convalescence or two. You’re down on your knees seven times, you’re back on your feet eight… Thing is, you’re not on your feet that eighth time… A suicide ensues, the usual nightmare of confinement; before that, humiliation, loss, compromise.

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