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in Greece 2011


The Roses of Silence

The Roses of Silence

Paschalia Trayloy

Psichogios, 2011
555 p.
ISBN 978-960-496-266-2, [In Print]
Price € 18,80

A famous sculptor, Carl Ludwig, lives like a hermit in his villa with no-one but a housekeeper for care and company. He is a man haunted by the past, a tragic love affair, the tragic scars of war. A young man is charged with the murder of his father. A case shrouded in mystery, covered in the dust from the past, this is a story that his lawyer attempts to uncover. Two stories, two threads entangled in painful knots. Two stories so different that they cannot be but one. A dramatic story of war-time love and betrayal. A mosaic of broken hearts and shattered emotions. A tragedy brought upon by the strength of timeless passion, hidden treasure, faceless enemies, and the everlasting instinct of survival. A dramatic novel which spans from World War 2 Thessaloniki to today…

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