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Divorce: Tragedy or deliverance?

Divorce: Tragedy or deliverance?

Monachos Michail
editor: Melita Antoniadoy, Lena Koraki
illustrator: Melita Antoniadoy

, 2011
245 p.
ISBN 978-960-8048-34-8, [In Print]
Price € 17,00

In all ecclesiastical history the spiritual fathers (at least the healthy ones), used lenience and only rarely did they use the accuracy of the ecclesiastical laws (Canons). Lenience (economia) means that you cut the law (canon) short and you adapt it to the power (and sometimes the willingness) of the Christian that approaches you, as long, of course, as his/her salvation isn΄t harmed.
This is a realism that honours the Church that effects it. In fact, the Church sets the highest standards, but from then on, knowing that very few approach this perfection, doesn΄t confront the others with rigidity and austerity, but with understanding, compassion and economia (lenience). This is the characteristic of the Orthodox Church.

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