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Restructuring and Development in Southeastern Europe

Restructuring and Development in Southeastern Europe

editor: Angelos Kotios, George Petrakos

, 2002
413 p.
ISBN 960-8029-16-3, ISBN-13 978-960-8029-16-3, [In Print - Full book details coming soon]
Price € 15,00

The process of transition in Southeastern Europe (SEE) has received increasing attention in recent years due to remarkable failures and the political tensions and conflicts in Western Balkans. After more than ten years of economic transformation in SEE there are still many questions that need to be answered by the scientific community. This volume is an attempt to address some of the issues and problems faced by the region and especially the issues of the restructuring and development. Its purpose is to contribute to the understanding of the transition processes in SEE and to provide policy recommendations to domestic and international actors with respect to reconstruction strategies and policies.
These 15 papers collected in this volume cover important issues and policy dilemmas concerning restructuring and development in SEE. They provide analysis and policy recommendations in relation to transition prospects, development policies, and structural change, and include several country studies on stabilization, privatization and integration. They suggest that, despite shortcomings, limitations and setbacks, policy failures or market failures, eventually the SEE countries will have to follow more or less similar policy routes with their more successful predecessors in Central Europe.

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