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The Map of Dreams

The Map of Dreams

Katerina Karizoni

Kastaniotis, 2011
183 p.
ISBN 978-960-03-5289-4, [In Print]
Price € 10,60

The setting is the Cyclades; The year, 1537. In a time when Hayreddin Barbarossa is seizing control of one Aegean island after another, Nikolas Mostratos, a seaman and gifted cartographer, lives in paros during the years of La Serenissima’s decline, seized by passions of his own. He draws artful, intricate maps depicting not only the dangerous Cycladic waters but also maps of the world, which is changing rapidly and dramatically. At the same time he languishes in unrequited love; the gaping social chasm between him and the woman of his life, Eugenia Ragoussi, a young noblewoman of paros, leads her to the altar with a Venetian aristocrat. However, on her wedding day, and during the fitting of her wedding dress, paros is invaded and occupied by the Ottomans and the winds of war irrevocably whisk away both the beauteous lady and the besotted cartographer casting them on a thrilling adventure which unfolds amidst the traps of History but also on the ever-shifting map of their dreams.

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