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in Greece 2011


Black Beer

Black Beer

Vasilis Danellis

Kastaniotis, 2011
286 p.
ISBN 978-960-03-5262-7, [In Print]
Price € 14,84

When times were hard he smiled and raised those shoulders of his, massive like hills. “God will provide,” he said, and persevered. A god different from the savage, sadistic, vengeful god of madame Xenia and Moussas. His god was playful like himself. Although, instead of bowling pins and balls, he played with human lives. He turned them round and round, he threw them in the air and when they came down hard and shattered, he gave a mischievous laugh and kept at his game. Until he broke Lazaros’s life, and all those who supposedly loved him didn’t even bother to pick up the pieces. A country on the threshold of crisis, a city which has lost its identity, and an (anti)hero instrumental in the solving of a crime. Black Beer tells the story of Andreas, a vagabond musician who decides to gather enough money to bury Lazaros, another street artist, who was murdered. However, in the course of the novel Lazaros’s death offers Andreas the chance for a personal ‘resurrection’. A crime novel without crime officers, interspersed with small, truelife stories which, though neglected by the press, reveal Athens’ noir aspect.

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