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Cut Flowers

Cut Flowers

Nikol - Anna Maniati

Psichogios, 2011
401 p.
ISBN 978-960-453-904-8, [In Print]
Price € 16,60

Can anyone measure a mother’s love and what can anyone compare it with? Are there limits to the sacrifice that a mother is prepared to make for her children? Evdokia did everything her heart told her to do and not once thought of herself. Christos was only a small child when he was taken to the orphanage along with his three sisters, Anastasia, Styliani and baby Sophia. It was he who took their care into his little hands, taking on the roles of brother and parent together. And life made him determined and hard, as hard as life can turn an eight-year old boy. When all three sisters were adopted by different families and sent far away, again Christos was called upon to swear that one day the siblings would be brought back together, that he would find them and unite them with their mother, however many years would pass, however long they would have to wait… A moving novel of four children, of four cut flowers, that is proof of the eternal strength of pure and selfless love.

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