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Innocent and Guilty

Innocent and Guilty

Maro Doyka

Patakis Publishers, 2010
636 p.
ISBN 978-960-16-3610-8, [In Print]
Price € 25,36

Balkanika Prize [2006]
Ourani Foundation Academy of Athens Award [2005]

Little-known aspects of the past come to light when a London-based journalist of Turkish-Cretan origin arrives in Chania to study what lay behind the violent separation of Christians and Muslims in nineteenth-century Crete. Maro Douka’s Innocent and Guilty brings to life history, national ideology, love affairs and grim, everyday reality in a fragile, incoherent society on the point of disintegration. For her characters, memory is not individual or collective nostalgia but bitter, hard-won knowledge that enables them to understand themselves and the world that brought them into being. Historical fiction encounters bloodied family chronicle and an investigative thread that runs through the narrative, revealing political corruption and social decline in contemporary Greece. Douka presents colourful portraits full of lively contrasts and a convoluted web of troubled relationships against the backdrop of the island’s Venetian past.

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