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Syllogiko ergo, T. S. Eliot, Ntonalnt Chol, Troyman Kapote, Pati Chil, Ernest Chemingoyei, Tzortz Plimpton, Sol Mpelooy, Gkornton Loint Charper, Chorche Loyis Mporches, Ronalnt Kraist, Gkreiam Gkrin, Martin Satlgouorth, Saimon Reiven, Oyiliam Fokner, Tzin Stain, Isaak Mpasevis Singker, Charolnt Flenter, Gkampriel Gkarsia Markes, Piter Ch. Stooun, Charolnt Mploym, Antonio Vais

editor: Filip Gkoyrevits
translator: Marina Toulgaridou
series editor: Aris Maragkopoylos

, 2010
275 p.
ISBN 978-960-6863-51-6, [In Print]
Price € 20,10

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