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Hold Me… the Ark is Sailing

Hold Me… the Ark is Sailing

Thaleia Kounoyni

Livani Publishing Organization, 2010
431 p.
ISBN 978-960-14-2101-8, [In Print]
Price € 17,24

"You are human and it is natural to hurt… For your own reasons, your own life, for what you seek and it is not coming..." Eight different people, eight beaten souls, eight different “queries” trapped in a room by a mysterious man, but at the same time a salvation board is offered to them. He is willing to give them whatever they wish, a child to someone, a good salary to another, even death to someone else… He traps them in a hotel and plays with their lives. Through intense discussions which renew the eternal fight between good and evil he pulls the strings in order to unfold the secrets of their soul… Who is he? Why is he doing it? If they knew what would happen to them, they would say this: “Hold me… the Ark is sailing”. One thing is for sure. They will all get close to each other; they will overcome their personal problems and will become better people, more mature and stronger. The personal problems may not be so important compared of the challenges the gift of life offers. And you, as a human who also suffers, will travel with them, now. Can you handle this? “This is the way our trip on Ark begins. I don’t know how many storms we will confront; if there will be a conflict which will leave ruins behind. I surely have undertaken the task to bring you back safe as soon as the trip ends, without any losses. In the end of the trip you all have to stand on your feet. Tomorrow you will take the wheel of the Ark and will sail over the waves which are nothing else than the emotions that your soul carries”.

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