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Tonight All Friends are Gone

Tonight All Friends are Gone

Sofia Nikolaidou
series editor: Eleni Mpoyra

Metaichmio, 2010
273 p.
ISBN 978-960-455-829-2, [In Print]
Price € 16,31

The Athens Prize for Literature [2011]

December 2008: Protests and chantings. A university in flames. A few words pop up as a rocket: Tonight all friends are gone. October 1981-1989: An unsuspicious –yet determined– historian investigates the forbidden issues of the collaborators and the German-fascist organisations of Salonica. Though his subject is dangerous he is strong enough to continue and undergo the consequences. 1934-1944: Nazism, occupied Salonica, Jews, Greeks, Germans, black marketers, propaganda, imprisonment and food in a mess. Traitors and patriots. A novel on the dark side of Greek history. As the story unfolds the reader learns about three generations of Greeks who strive to survive through turbulent times. Parents and children, professors and students, grocers, urchins, grandmas, employees, trade unionists or neutralists, a mosaic of people, learn once and for all that you first see in which side your blood is shed and then decide where to stand. How can one decide right or wrong when surrounded by a flaming world? How does theory becomes ineffective? And finally who affirmed us that this country shall never collapse?

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