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The Virginia Woolf Café

The Virginia Woolf Café


Argyro Mantoglou

Apopeira, 1999
137 p.
ISBN 960-537-019-0, ISBN-13 978-960-537-019-0, [In Print]
Price € 6,19

A contemporary Greek writer, Anna, living in London starts "meeting" Ella, one of Thomas Hardy's heroines, extracted from an unfinished novel. Ella was a poet and now desires a different plot for her life written by a female living writer. Meanwhile, Anna has to confront her own inhibitions trying to describe the heroine of her own novel, Emma a passionate woman who springs out of fire when Anna in an act of desperation burns all her manuscripts. Through the plot two emblematic literary figures are introduced: Thomas Hardy who aims at the re-description of his heroine and V. Woolf who acts as a catalyst: at Virginia Woolf Cafe/ the three female voices blend in order to give a narrative pointing towards female experience, bringing together tradition, art, imagination, profound conflicts even trivialities.

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