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Anthology of 20th Century Greek Short Stories

Anthology of 20th Century Greek Short Stories

Syllogiko ergo, Tilemachos Alaveras, Mitsos Alexandropoylos, Elli Alexiou, Petros Ampatzoglou, Melpo Axioti, Renos Apostolidis, Vasilis Vasilikos, Ilias Venezis, G. M. Vizyinos, Dimitrios Vikelas, Dimosthenis Voutyras, Alkiviadis Giannopoulos, Tatiana Gkritsi Milliex, Petros Glezos, Gerasimos Grigoris, Sotiris Dimitrioy, Stratis Doykas, Konstantinos Theotokis, Ioylia Iatridi, Giorgos Ioannoy, Galateia Kazantzaki, Tolis Kazantzis, M. Karagatsis, Andreas Karkavitsas, Ioannis Kondylakis, Markos Lazaridis, Menelaos Lountemis, Christoforos Milionis, Kostoyla Mitropoylou, Michail Mitsakis, Stratis Myrivilis, Lilika Nakou, Dimitris Nollas, Grigorios Xenopoylos, I. M. Panagiotopoulos, Katina G. Papa, I. Ch. Papadimitrakopoulos, Elli Papadimitriou, Alexandros Papadiamantis, Omiros Pellas, Spyros Plaskovitis, Emmanoyil Roidis, Antonis Samarakis, k.a.
anthologist: Thanasis Th. Niarchos
editor: Thanasis Th. Niarchos

Kastaniotis, 2009
486 p.
ISBN 978-960-03-4384-7, [In Print]
Price € 37,10

The short stories in this anthology are an accurate representation of the genre in modern and contemporary Greece. Together they form a guide to a field in which Greek literature has always excelled – the short story, with its own demands and potential. The wide array of themes, trends, and narrative techniques in this collection demonstrates the rapid development of the Greek short story. The editor has selected stories by writers who are dedicated to the genre, have worked at it systematically and understand how it functions. They exploit the full possibilities of short fiction and converse on an equal footing with the leading exponents of the genre on the international literary scene. Ranging from authors such as Alexandros Papadiamantis, Melpo Axioti, Michail Mitsakis and Dimosthenis Voutyras, to Christoforos Milionis, Dimitris Nollas and Sotiris Dimitriou, the anthology reflects achievement of a high order. (Ithaca Online,

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