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Vasiliki Iliopoyloy

Polis Publishers, 2009
205 p.
ISBN 978-960-435-240-1, [In Print]
Price € 16,31

National Literary Prize for Novel [2010]

It’s the mid-1950s in Athens. A teacher’s appointment to a provincial school causes hardship for her; an office clerk is scared out of his wits because of his political past; and a group of children strive in vain to understand the world of adults. The plot of Smith turns on a revolver that has been hidden away since the civil war that ravaged Greece after WWII. Everyone wants to escape – the teacher from her burdensome husband, the clerk from his memories of the partisans, and the children from the depressing silence of their parents. Vasiliki Iliopoulou’s allusive style is a highly evocative instrument. She employs a masterful technique of concealment for the adults and partly patched up darkness for the children. A thriller of everyday life with an unresolved ending, Smith is set in a Greece that has been devastated by state terrorism and social exclusion.

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