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The New Acropolis Museum

The New Acropolis Museum

Marisa de Castro
translator: Eleni Antonopoulou

Metaichmio, 2009
70 p.
ISBN 978-960-455-612-0, [In Print]
Price € 15,28

Accustomed to writing about art and history for children, Mariza Decastro knows how to focus on essentials and select illuminating examples. Her guide to the New Acropolis Museum cuts to the chase with a brief introduction to the Acropolis, its monuments and who made them. The next section follows the layout of the museum, providing background and zooming in on exhibits that reflect culture, history and religious beliefs. For instance, a painting of an Athenian athlete is an opportunity to explain the origins of the Panethenaic Festival that is depicted in the famed Parthenon frieze, as well as the sporting events associated with it and the amphorae given to the winners. Athena’s owl, the Sphinx and the casts of Caryatids from the Erechtheion temple all come with nuggets of information, plus a taste of the debate about the marbles taken by Lord Elgin and now in the British Musuem. (Ithaca Online,

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