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The Life of the Vlachs in 1900

The Life of the Vlachs in 1900

Asterios I. Koukoudis
editor: Asterios I. Koukoudis
translator: Judith Pink Megas

Kapon Editions, 2008
64 p.
ISBN 978-960-7037-92-3, [In Print]
Price € 29,68

The "Egnatia Epirus Foundation" recognizes, promotes and undersores the cultural legacy of the Vlachs as an integral part of our country, and believes the time is ripe for more systematic research and for a clearer presentation of both their historical and present-day self-perception, as well as the current position of the Latin-speaking Romiosyni (Modern Greeks).

The foundation, in its desire to help a wider public understand the theoretical and practical issues, begins this initiative with a presentation of the multi-faceted Vlach identity (local, economic, social, demographic, cultural, etc.), as recorded by the photographic lens in the early 20th century. We feel both justified and proud of this undertaking because of its contribution to the correct interpretation and understanding of current-day Vlach identity.

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