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Michalis Modinos

Kastaniotis, 2009
373 p.
ISBN 978-960-03-4858-3, [In Print]
Price € 19,08

Veteran archaeologist Apostolos Ziras finds refuge in his paternal home in southern mount Pelion, where he used to spend the summers during the fifties. He is a man on his own, a widower, persecuted by the courts and by the media. At the place where he vacationed as an adolescent, he attempts to reconstruct the reasons that caused him to become a scapegoat. To this end, he excavates the ruins of his life, bringing, at the same time the ruins of modern greek history to light. He “rediscovers” his love for Mrs Makris and her daughter, he recalls his cosmopolitan uncle from Alexandria, but also a life full of betrayals, escapes, unrest, repression and unforeseeable turns. Through his return to the paternal land, the hero will eventually experience the human adventure as the ultimate redemption; and Ithaca will prove to be, even more than home and hearth, the point of departure for a new journey. An incisive, tender and sarcastic comment on identity, memory and the specificity of places and their people.

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