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N, As In Nostalgia

N, As In Nostalgia

Giorgos Veis

Ypsilon, 2008
74 p.
ISBN 978-960-17-0256-8, [In Print]
Price € 9,00

His tenth collection, this new work by Yorgos Veis, a poet and career diplomat like the Nobel Laureate George Seferis, exhibits a wide range of textual forms, from deviations on the sonnet to highly elaborate free verse and the austere economy of the epigram. With the help of an inventive and almost generalized use of metaphor, Veis projects, processes and exploits the precious material of inner landscapes. However, in their notional environment, these emerge as constants of a more general human condition. Veis, like the Neo-Platonists, believes that perhaps the largest part of the truth is to be found on the other shore, where, that is, dream at last encounters desire. From one point of view, this collection constitutes a specialized imaginative education, yet at the same time it discretely consolidates an undeniable way of thinking. It is a manual for survival. (Ithaca Online,

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