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One and Half Tin Cans

One and Half Tin Cans

Giannis Makridakis

Hestia Publishers, 2008
348 p.
ISBN 978-960-05-1371-4, [In Print]
Price € 12,74

Yorgos Petikas stepped off onto the pier. He came from America, where he had immigrated one year earlier to go and work in the slaughterhouses, to provide dowries for his three sisters in Kardamyla, on the off chance that they marry a ship owner or a captain and at least save themselves. It was the second time he was returning from abroad. He had been away once before for a year; it was the time when he had left Chios as part of Turkey and came back to find it belonging to Greece. [...] “Petikas! They were all his. The vegetable gardens. He didn't sow, he didn't reap, he didn't grow a garden like us who grew and watered our produce, but they were all his. He would steal and get caught, then he'd escape, he'd get caught, then he'd escape [...] He was on his own. An unmarried young fellow, he was without ties and just roamed around. Wherever he was when nighttime fell, that's where he stayed. In Diefka he was in a cellar, in Sierounda in a cellar, he'd go into the church and sleep. Petikas...” The story of a man who is driven to a life of lawlessness because of a crime of passion, or how a man becomes a legend. And how this legend survives, in an authentic or varied form, through time. A fiction inspired by historical memory and popular lore. A surprising novel that breaks through the established patterns of modern book production.

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