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What Are the Barbarians Doing Here?

What Are the Barbarians Doing Here?

Dimosthenis Koyrtovik
series editor: Eleni Kechagiogloy

Ellinika Grammata, 2008
308 p.
ISBN 978-960-19-0164-0, [Out of Print]
Price € 16,82

“When the world has lost its memory, whoever pretends to remember is hailed as a prophet”. Old friends from all Balkan nations gather today in a small town in northern Greece for a literary competition. The story of a forgotten, “blood-soaked Macedonian wedding» from the period of the Balkan Wars emerges again, while a mysterious beauty, Nina Daneva, upsets the reunion with her omnivorous charm. Within four days, three different versions of the old story and an unorthodox love affair will trigger a war between «relentlessly bonded” Balkan friends. They will also bring to the surface long-repressed resentments, unfinished business and unadmitted nostalgia for the dark charm of Balkan barbarism. A story about Balkan ghosts and historical fantasies –about historical memories, national identity and the place of the region in the modern world. 

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