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The Plant. The Well. The Angel.

The Plant. The Well. The Angel.

Vasilis Vasilikos
editor: Aristotelis Sainis
series editor: Aris Maragkopoylos

, 2007
535 p.
ISBN 978-960-6760-21-1, [In Print]
Price € 22,31

Prize of the Twelve [1962]

This trilogy represents the peak of Vassilis Vassilikos’s literary oeuvre. Together with Z, it made his name in France and the rest of Europe. First published in 1961, The Plant. The Well. The Angel was soon translated into several languages and won lasting acclaim. Writing under the influence of the militant literature that swept Europe after the Second World War, the author attacks many aspects of the social establishment. He uses a new technique to create a sense of fluidity around characters and situations that appeals to contemporary readers. There is an atmosphere of the absurd, which reflects the turbulent time in which the three texts are set, and which has similarities with our world today. The trilogy deliberately takes a sidelong look at everyday life, which assumes unexpected dimensions in its pages. These three novellas, which set Greek literature on a new track, have lost nothing of their initial savour and freshness. (

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