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I Want to Be a Hero

I Want to Be a Hero

Frantzeska Alexopoylou - Petraki
illustrator: Natalia Kapatsoylia

Papadopoulos Publishing, 2007
40 p.
ISBN 978-960-412-755-9, [In Print]
Price € 4,28

Panagiotis has ambitions. He has managed to stop people shortening his name and calling him ‘little,’ and now he wants more. He wants to be a hero. He dreams of protecting an old woman from a thief, putting out a fire, hanging from a web like Spiderman to save a girl from falling out of a building, and catching a skyscraper before it falls, like Superman. So far, however, real life has only offered him rather pedestrian opportunities to help people, like forever going to get his mother tissues for her runny nose. It is only when his mother tell him how much his help means to her that Panayiotis realizes he is a hero in her eyes – an ordinary, everyday hero, but a hero just the same. A cheerful story for children in the first two classes of primary school with lively illustrations by Natalia Kapatsoulia (

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