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We’ve Moved Next Door

We’ve Moved Next Door

Kiki Dimoula

Ikaros, 2013
85 p.
ISBN 978-960-8399-53-2, [In Print]
Price € 12,00

Kiki Dimoula, the greatest Greek woman poet since Sappho, according to one critic, is generally regarded as the foremost Greek poet today. Each new collection by her immediately becomes a best-seller. We’ve Moved Next Door is her thirteenth collection in fifty-two years of poetic output. At the height of her poetic maturity, Dimoula converses in her new collection with all the eternal themes of poetry: death, solitude, betrayal, time, decay, love and separation. Yet the occasioning for these musings often comes from the most ephemeral and “un-poetic” material, such as the Marlboro cowboy and mobile phones, and her familiar voice undermines any hint of pretentiousness or sentimentality, imbued as it is with sarcasm and self-irony. Her poetic diction is deliberately anti-lyrical and her work acquires its poetic dynamism through her skill in manipulating language in a heretical yet highly effective way. (

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