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Notes at the Edge of the Road

Notes at the Edge of the Road

photographer: Paris Petridis

Agra Publications, 2006
28 p.
ISBN 960-325-667-6, ISBN-13 978-960-325-667-0, [In Print]
Price € 28,40

The photographs of Paris Petridis immobilise moments that can only be registered in motion, fleeting things that flash past a motorist or train passenger. His photographs capture the memory of the glance, not the glance itself. They capture the memory of a road that disappears around a bend, a tortoise crossing a road next to a huge pipeline, without the presence of witnesses. Petridis photographs a Greece that bears no relation to the country depicted on postcards. It is a hidden, forgotten Greece, on the sidelines of social and cultural life. The images in Notes at the Edge of the Road are like a road movie where the protagonist is an invisible human who observed but did not stay. Petridis’ traveller on this photographic journey is like the Nobody of the Odyssey, a shadow of memory on the map of contemporary Greece.

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