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Do Things Sleep, Mummy?

Do Things Sleep, Mummy?

Vasilis Chatzivasileiou

Psichogios, 2007
303 p.
ISBN 978-960-453-245-2, [In Print]
Price € 7,97

Panagiotis Apragos, the architect, collaborated with Serbian parastate officials and provided Bugsy, a fugitive wanted by Interpol for the murder of prime minister Zoran Gigic, with a place to hide. Apragos and Bugsy were brought together by Eddie Petrov, a small-time smuggler and ex-KGB agent, for whom the architect had secured residence in Greece… Shady dealings, secret meetings, blackmail in the heat of passion, terrorist organizations and so much more find themselves embroiled in this original and genuinely exciting novel about the under and over world -two worlds intricately connected and humorously alike.

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