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The Heart’s Pocket

The Heart’s Pocket

Katerina Tzoridoy
illustrator: Natalia Kapatsoylia

Ellinika Grammata, 2007
28 p.
ISBN 978-960-442-929-5, [In Print]
Price € 11,21

Matina feels downhearted when she realizes her Aunt Aleka’s visit has come to an end, but she brightens up when she finds out how to capture happy moments. Aleka gives her a kiss and tells her to clasp tight it in her hand, then keep it in the pocket of her heart where, she says, you can keep all kinds of precious things. What sort of things? Memories of how hard she laughs when someone tickles her, for example. Matina soon thinks of what she’d like to keep in that special pocket – soap bubbles, the taste of chocolate ice cream, birthday cakes, the feeling of summer and swings. The Heart’s Pocket by Katerina Tzoridou is a cheerful picture book that prompts children to use their imagination to make the most of happy times. Pleasing illustrations by Natalia Kapatsoulia match the upbeat mood and message.

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