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Twelve Little Red Riding Hoods and the Clockwork Wolf

Twelve Little Red Riding Hoods and the Clockwork Wolf

Christos Mpoulotis
illustrator: Vasilis Papatsaroychas

Papadopoulos Publishing, 2007
31 p.
ISBN 978-960-412-685-9, [In Print]
Price € 12,74

The twelve little red riding hoods are the daughters of the original Little Red Riding Hood. In this amusing sequel, the heroine of the old story kept on having children in the hope of producing a boy, but gave up after six set of female twins. In any case, her husband had emigrated, never to return. Determined to relive the great adventure of their mother's childhood, but without the danger, her daughters order a clockwork wolf from a Chinese travelling salesman. There are no forests in their city, but the girls use their artistic talents to draw their own, which takes root when they go outside the city, expecting to meet their clockwork wolf. Things go horribly wrong when they meet a real wolf who cunningly ties them up. Intelligence and imagination win the day eventually, in this wacky follow up to a familiar fable told by talented storyteller Christos Boulotis and illustrated with verve by Vassilis Papatsarouhas.

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