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Health Protection at Work: A Subject for Education in Health in General Secondary Schools

Health Protection at Work: A Subject for Education in Health in General Secondary Schools

Dr Theodoros Mpazas
editor: Dr Theodoros Mpazas

Municipality of Psychico, 2006
95 p.
ISBN 960-88463-1-5, ISBN-13 978-960-88463-1-9, [In Print]

Unfortunately, European statistics show that young workers face the highest risk of injury in their job. ΑΙΙ work injuries are undesirable, but a workplace death or serious injury is especially tragic if suffered by a young person who had their whole Iife ahead of them. It is essential that young people receive risk education so that they have the necessary risk management skills before they arrive for their first day at work. The nurturing and development of this risk awareness will not only benefit the youngsters themselves, but also society as a whole. This is why increasing importance is being given across the European Member States to the need to instil risk skills in children at the earliest possible age.However, the practicality of achieving this common goal is nowhere as simple as Iearning your ABC. It is a tough task to effectively engage young minds in workplace health and safety matters, not Ieast because it is a subject that can appear to be distant to them. For this reason, unique and innovative approaches, such as the school essay competition that has given rise to this book, are especially important. Sharing and exchanging the results of classroom actions that have proved effective is also an essential step that this book undertakes. I therefore hope that this book will give inspiration to everyone in the classroom, to those at work and to all of us who are working to make the 'mainstreaming' of occupational safety and health into everyone's education a reality. Hans Horst Konkolewsky , Director, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, Bilbao, Spain, February 2005

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