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Cretan Cooking

Cretan Cooking

The Miracle of the Cretan Diet: The Most Wholesome Cuisine in the Mediterranean

Maria Psilakis, Nikos Psilakis
translator: Maria Bitsakaki, Melanie Goodwin
photographer: Nikos Psilakis

, 1995
207 p.
ISBN 960-7448-24-3, ISBN-13 978-960-7448-24-8, [In Print]
Price € 9,33

The international scientific researches have proved that Cretan cooking offers people good health and long life. It is based more on the consumption of plenty of olive oil, vegetables, wild greens, pulses and cereals and less on the consumption of meat.
Nevertheless, this does not mean that it is lacking in taste. Cretan dishes send forth fine flavours and tastes which can still be felt in the villages of the island.
It should be noted that, although in past years, the Cretans ate meat once a week (or even more rarely) and fish a little more often, they still knew how to prepare both meat and fish in many ways, usually combined with vegetables or pulses.
Likewise, they know numerous recipes for the preparation of the snails, since snails are among the most favourite dishes of the Cretans.
In this book you find the main recipes which have been preserved on Crete for centuries, and which, together with the way of life, constitute what is called today "The miracle of the Cretan diet".

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