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Mitsos Alexandropoylos
series editor: Aris Maragkopoylos

Ellinika Grammata, 2007
706 p.
ISBN 978-960-442-794-9, [In Print]
Price € 32,51

A novelistic psychogram based on documents and records, this book probes the unquenchable struggle for self-knowledge, the painful journey from the arrogance and passions of youth, to the autodidact mania of perfectionism which marked the private life of Leo Tolstoi -an individual permanently dissatisfied with himself, in search of new forms of life and art. The life of Tolstoi seems strewn with dozens of mines, ready to explode at any moment. The Lion of Russian literature was a robust, contradictory being, with incomparable virtues, radical as well as conservative ideas, obsessions, visions and sudden changes. He not only earned the reputation as the founder of psychological realism in Russia, but also as: an arrogant young man who was tortured by the tyranny of the flesh, an unsatisfied creator, an ethical philosopher, and an unorthodox Christian who dreamed of, among other things, a religion free from blind faith and superstitious rituals.

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