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High Heels Forever

High Heels Forever

Ioystini Fragkoyli - Argyri

Ellinika Grammata, 2006
301 p.
ISBN 960-442-643-5, ISBN-13 978-960-442-643-0, [Out of Print]
Price € 15,18

Six girls get together in the age of innocence on their island. They grow up with dreams of a life more beautiful than that of their mothers; they mature in the shadow of the dictatorship, hoping to overcome these difficult conditions. At their graduation ceremony, they swear to meet again “when they turn 40”. That same day, an unexpected and tragic death separates them. Twenty years later, however, the friends reunite at Julia’s house in Montreal in order to honor that famous “rendezvous at 40”. A bit nonplused, but marked by the indissoluble bonds of their common history, the six women tell the tales of their lives, revealing to each other what they have never dared express — in a gathering which culminates in an impressive celebration of women in high heels. A tender book with an interesting angle on femininity in the age of equality. A portrayal of friendships which endure the test of time, even when oceans intervene!

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