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Antiquity Theft and the Trade in Antiquities

Antiquity Theft and the Trade in Antiquities

Andreas Apostolidis

Agra Publications, 2006
576 p.
ISBN 960-325-647-1, ISBN-13 978-960-325-647-2, [In Print]
Price € 26,37

This book is the fruit of a significant investigation into antiquity theft, with an emphasis on ancient Greek art. The author collaborated with police, customs officials, legal advisors, art historians, archaeologists, antiquarians, collectors, antiquity traders, museum directors, auction houses and leading experts on an investigation of international scope, initially in order to create a documentary, To Kykloma, which won acclaim from specialists around the world. The antiquity racket is unimaginably vast, highly organised, closely bound up with state services and criminal gangs (whose interests go beyond antiquities). Added interest derives from the fact that the writer, a successful crime novelist, has given the entertaining story of his research something of the air of crime fiction. For readers who have enjoyed other well-known crime novels on similar themes, Antiquity Theft and the Trade in Antiquities stands out for Apostolidis’s meticulous documentation, breadth of information and superior narrative skills.

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