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Miti greci e dramma antico alla Scala

Miti greci e dramma antico alla Scala

Syllogiko ergo, Spyros Mercouris, Vittoria Grespi - Morbio, Nikos Bakounakis
translator: Vera Cerenzia, David Hardy, Rodney Stringer

Kapon Editions, 2005
111 p.
ISBN 960-7037-73-1, ISBN-13 978-960-7037-73-2, [In Print]
Price € 15,28

[...] For us Greeks, and I believe for the whole world La Scala is the Parthenon of Opera and the Museo Teatrale alla Scala is a magnificent and prestigious museum. Their collections of paintings, ceramics, musical instruments, antiques, gramophones, photographs and an exceptional collection of costumes and theatrical accessories belonging to world famous performers like Maria Callas and other divas are tremendously impressive. [...]
Our aim is with this exhibition to show the relationship between tragedy and opera. Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides, used as their sources, with the exception of the Persians a historical tragedy, well known myths. The element of surprise was always present and the scope for artistic composition was unlimited. The tragedians were able to offer different interpretations of the myths and took the opportunity to express their religious, political, artistic and philosophical views. [...]

(from the prologue)

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