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In her Gaze

In her Gaze

Thodoris Kallifatidis

Gavriilidis Editions, 2006
291 p.
ISBN 960-336-175-5, ISBN-13 978-960-336-175-6, [In Print]
Price € 19,08

Two police investigations running simultaneously explore three murders. A beautiful young detective, a philosophy graduate, an old-fashioned, middle-aged commissioner who cannot get over his separation from his wife, and a charming Kurdish migrant who is a contract killer, move rapidly about the streets and bars of Stockholm. A Greek writer has set a detective novel in a Scandinavian capital populated by people from all over the world. Under his detective’s cloak, Kallifatidis carefully, and without any desire to go in for political finger-pointing, examines the crucial problems of the era: from issues to do with Islam and multilingualism, to multicultural migration, European capitals after globalisation, the retreat of the welfare state, and the dissolution of families and friendships. Whether the heroes do good or evil, their world remains one of paralysing loneliness and isolation. The author deftly combines an intriguing plot, distinctive characters and speedy action with understated but effective humour. (

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