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History of Ancient Sparta

History of Ancient Sparta

Sarantos I. Kargakos

Gutenberg, 2006
835 p.
ISBN 960-01-1076-Χ, ISBN-13 978-960-01-1076-0, [In Print]
Price € 61,25

Sarantos Kargakos deploys a vast amount of material that he has amassed from widely varied sources to refute the generally received view of Sparta as a militaristic, claustrophobic and terminally aggressive society, one that has gone down in history on the strength of its military strength and prowess. In The History of Ancient Sparta Sarantos Kargakos demonstrates that Sparta was the very prototype of civil society. He argues that it was a polis in which the main role was played by the citizens and not by an oppressive state. In keeping with this original outlook, he points out that Sparta never ignored the conquests and achievements of other Greek polis; on the contrary, he asserts, it made use of them in the most productive and effective way. This is a significant historical work supported by a vivid and lively narrative.

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