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Nikos and the Wolf

Nikos and the Wolf

Kostas Poylos
illustrator: Svetlin

Papadopoulos Publishing, 2006
32 p.
ISBN 960-412-421-8, ISBN-13 978-960-412-421-3, [In Print]
Price € 11,21

It’s an old story, retold in verse with ingenuity and humour, and matched with delightful illustrations by Svetlin. Kostas Poulos recounts the tale of the donkey, the fox and the wolf, with its timeless message of smooth cunning pitted against simple donkey sense. A donkey grazing in a meadow is enjoying a brief respite from hard labour and short rations. A hungry fox and a wolf walk by, hand in hand – whether from friendship or to allay mutual suspicion, the narrator is not sure. The duo employ all their wiles to persuade the donkey to come on a little boat trip with them. Once aboard they confess their culinary crimes, urging the donkey to do likewise and to agree that he deserves the death penalty for his own misdeeds. The donkey cannot match their convoluted logic but manages to escape by means of a simple stratagem involving a good hard kick. (

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