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Athens: The City - The People

Athens: The City - The People

Aikaterini Koumarianoy
editor: Vaso Kyriazakoy

Potamos, 2005
492 p.
ISBN 960-8350-40-9, ISBN-13 978-960-8350-40-3, [In Print]
Price € 66,24

Historian Aikaterini Koumourianou presents a fascinating picture of Athens and its people from the twelfth to the nineteenth century. She has assembled accounts written by some 60 Greek and foreign writers and married them to around 280 pictures and maps, which together illustrate the emblematic capital that continues to enchant visitors. Among the foreign writers whose responses to Athens appear in the book are Byron, Chateaubriand, Flaubert, Renan and Freud. Leading Greek names include those of the historian Paparigopoulos, the general Makryiannis and the writer and critic Emmanouil Roidis. With an introduction by the writer and a final chapter by her covering the most recent years, and a full index of names and places, Athens: The City-The People is a milestone in studies of modern Athens. A treasury of personal accounts and illustrations (selected by picture editor Sandra Vretta), it is also superbly printed and a beautiful object in itself.

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