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Beijing: The Rose and the Lotus

Beijing: The Rose and the Lotus

Anastasis Vistonitis

Metaichmio, 2005
244 p.
ISBN 960-375-880-9, ISBN-13 978-960-375-880-8, [In Print]
Price € 20,39

The Rose and the Lotus is a book about Beijing, the capital of the world's most populous people with the most ancient civilization, which has emerged once again on the forefront of the world stage with the ambition of playing a leading role in the twenty-first century. We have here the experiences of the author at the Great Wall of China, in the Forbidden City, at the Summer Palace of the emperors, and in Tiananmen Square, Mao's Mausoleum, and the locations of everyday life. We have also the narration of the myth of a large capital city through the dialogue of the rose, which symbolises Memory and the thought of the West, with the lotus, which represents Oblivion and the wisdom of the East. If, as an American diplomat said, yesterday was the Mediterranean, today the Atlantic, and tomorrow the Pacific, the author believes that now when the East is opening up to the West, we can see more closely the meeting of the worlds, or the crossing of the rose with the lotus.

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