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The Hare΄s Heart

The Hare's Heart

Vasiliki Iliopoyloy

Polis Publishers, 2005
167 p.
ISBN 960-435-076-5, ISBN-13 978-960-435-076-6, [In Print]
Price € 12,74

What happens when Hara is kidnapped by her sister, a cat invades Nikiforos’ life, the Albanian gardener holds a miraculous saw, a beggar woman takes advantage of Fotini’s kindness, the hunter takes the role of the hare, Vaios follows Eve in every step she makes and a young Russian immigrant changes the rules of the game?

"Iliopoulou's book is among the most interesting readings of this fall."
(Marie Theodoropoulou, To Vima)

"Moving on the wings of her world knowledge and artistic viewpoint Vassiliki Iliopoulou delivers us the collection The Hare's Heart (Polis Publishers). A bouquet of short stories breathing a new aura of inspiration and personal style that culminates in the masterpiece short story bearing the same title. Do not miss it."
(Roula Georgakopoulou, Ta Νea)

"A powerful narrative persona is central in Vassiliki Iliopoulou's short stories collection The Hare's Heart (Polis Publishers). Her concise word, clarity of expression and control of speech rhythm make up a universe of people and objects that are touchingly outlined."
(Elissavet Kotzia, I Kathimerini)

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