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Fakínou, Evgenía

Φακίνου, Ευγενία


Evgenia Fakinou was born in Alexandria in 1945. She was raised and educated in Athens. In 1976, she created the Denekedoupoli puppet theatre. She has written and illustrated a number of children’s books. In 1982, she began writing for adults. Some of her work has been translated into English, French, Italian, German, Hungarian, Serbian, Danish, Russian, Spanish and Dutch.

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2011) The Nimbus Train, Kastaniotis
(2010) Ulysses and Blues, Kastaniotis
(2008) To See the Sea, Kastaniotis
(2008) Sugar On the Side, Kastaniotis
(2007) Garden Ambitions, Kastaniotis
(2006) Blind Man's Buff, Kastaniotis
(2005) The Orleans Method, Kastaniotis
(2003) Love, summer, war (Eros, theros, polemos), Kastaniotis
(2001) Who killed Moby Dick?, Kastaniotis
(1999) Astradeni, Kedros Publishers
(1999) Tin City , Kedros Publishers [author, illustrator]
(1998) The Great Green, Kastaniotis
(1998) A Small Summer Story, Kedros Publishers [author, illustrator]
(1998) Fruit, Kedros Publishers
(1997) One Hundred Roads and One Night, Kastaniotis
(1997) Wake Up Tin Town, Kastaniotis [author, illustrator]
(1997) Mister Ultramarine, Kastaniotis [author, illustrator]
(1997) The Great Voyage of Honeyboy, Kastaniotis [author, illustrator]
(1995) Greek Panorama, Kedros Publishers
(1995) In the Land of Wound Toys, Kedros Publishers [author, illustrator]
(1994) Wild Flowers and Herbs, Kedros Publishers
(1994) Merope was the Pretext, Kastaniotis
(1994) Flowers, Kedros Publishers
(1992) Astradeni, Kedros Publishers
(1991) Cat With Horseshoes, Kedros Publishers
(1989) The Star of Christmas, Kedros Publishers [author, illustrator]
(1986) Vegetables, Kedros Publishers
Participation in collective Works
(2011) Thessaloniki of Writers, Ianos
(2005) Dodecanese: The Pearls of the Mediterranean,
(2001) Volos, Metaichmio
(1997) First-person Love, Kedros Publishers

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